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I'm sure the conference meant different things to every but to me, it was about being united. It was about energy - to inspire, to strengthen, to share knowledge. Proud to say that this blog post has been shared by the Canadian Association of Midwives and the Association of Ontario Midwives among many others. Thank you!


Montfort recognized for integrating midwives into hospital by: TheOttawaCitizen

I have heard so many wonderful things about the Montfort Hospital! This news is wonderful. There are no caps on the midwives with hospital privileges and it is now believed to be the first hospital in North America to officially give midwives privileges to conduct vaginal breech births without transferring care to an OB! Way to go, Montfort! This is great for midwives and great for maternal health care!

Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa’s Montfort Hospital, which was targeted for closure less than two decades ago, has emerged as a new breed when it comes to maternity care.

And midwives wish more hospitals would follow its lead — especially at a time when almost every second woman in Ottawa who wants a midwife is unable to find one.

Last month, Montfort was awarded the Hospital Integration Award by the Association of Ontario Midwives. The award is given to hospitals that successfully integrate midwifery into their organizations with involvement.

Montfort has embraced midwifery, say midwives and hospital officials. And that embrace has changed the hospital.

“Since the beginning of regulated midwifery, Montfort has welcomed midwives, provided them with full scope of practice and has never put a cap on the number of midwives allowed to practice within the hospital,” said the material supporting the award prepared by Ottawa midwives. “The Montfort Hospital not only…

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Ontario Midwives and Pay Equity by: TheMusicalMidwiferyStudent

This blog is my jam right now!


In a nutshell, Ontario midwives are filing a complaint with the Human Rights Commission claiming they are being compensated less than comparable health care professionals due to sex discrimination. A fair number of newspapers picked up this story. Many of them spun the story around to say ‘Midwives are greedy, midwives have low levels of education and they make all this money already and they want 200k a year, midwives should be thankful for what they already have, how dare these women ask for more money in economic times such as these, if these women aren’t happy with the pay they get they should go back to school and become a [INSERT ALTERNATE PROFESSION HERE]” I’m sure there are more insinuations, but these are the general ones I picked up before having to stop reading before I threw my brand new laptop against the wall in disgust.

I should add…

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