Choice in Obstetrics

What is informed choice, really? Is informed choice a myth? Do midwives really offer informed choice?


Surviving Crossfit

I know what you're thinking... "great, now this chick is into CrossFit and we're never going to read about anything else on this blog except for midwife WODs..." cue the eye roll and unfollow... but wait! I'm not looking to tell you about how many times I go to the gym or how much I can … Continue reading Surviving Crossfit

4200 Midwives Strong

I'm sure the conference meant different things to every but to me, it was about being united. It was about energy - to inspire, to strengthen, to share knowledge. Proud to say that this blog post has been shared by the Canadian Association of Midwives and the Association of Ontario Midwives among many others. Thank you!