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Hi and welcome to my blog!

I can usually be found in my natural habitat drinking coffee and watching Seinfeld or Murder, She Wrote while studying and snuggling with my cats.

I have personal space problems with my dog, Peggy, who follows me everywhere. If she could be my second attendant at births, I would be so happy but alas those OR booties don’t fit her well.

When I’m not studying, I’m usually crocheting whilst watching one of my favourite gangster movies… Only taking breaks to eat chocolate or cake despite being gluten intolerant.

I get spirited often about reproductive justice and life in general, sometimes getting a bit loud when I’m excited. I’m loving my journey to becoming a midwife so far. This is a place to share my stories and thoughts through my time in the MEP.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

Before becoming a student midwife, Sequoya studied film, gender, and law at Carleton University and worked in emergency services at the SPCA. Now, she’s a third-year midwifery student doing interprofessional placements. 


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